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Chronology of St. Pius X

Translations by Michael Dubiaga, Jr

Year Day Event
1835 2 June Birth of Giuseppe Melchiore Sarto at Riese (Treviso).
  3 June Baptism in the parish church of Riese.
1845 1 September Holy Chrism at Asolo by Monsignor Sartori Canova.
1846 6 April Receives First Communion at Riese.
1846-1850   Four years secondary school at Castelfranco Veneto.
1850 19 September Receives the cassock at Riese from the pastor, Don Tito Fusarini.
  13 November Entrance to the seminary of Padua.
1851 20 September Receives tonsure at Asolo from Monsignor Giovanni Antonio Farina.
1852 4 May Death of his father, Giovanni Battista Sarto (1792-1852), at Riese.
1856 22 November Receives minor orders of porter and lector at the seminary of Treviso from Monsignor Giovanni Antonio Farina.
1857 6 June Receives minor orders of exorcist and acolyte at the seminary of Treviso from Monsignor Giovanni Antonio Farina.
  19 September Receives the major order of subdeacon at the seminary of Treviso from Monsignor Giovanni Antonio Farina.
1858 27 February Receives the major order of deacon at the seminary of Treviso from Monsignor Giovanni Antonio Farina.
  18 September Priestly ordination at Castelfranco Veneto from the bishop, Giovanni Antonio Farina.
  19 September First Solemn Mass at Riese.
  13 November Chaplain at Tombolo.
1867 14 July Pastor at Salzano.
1875 28 November Canon of the cathedral of Treviso, spiritual director at the seminary, Chancellor of the diocesan curia.
1879 24 November Elected Vicar of the Chapter.
1884 16 September Nominated bishop of Mantua.
  16 November Consecrated bishop in S. Apollinare at Rome.
1885 19 April Entrance into Mantua as bishop.
  18 August Announces the First Pastoral Visit.
1885-1888   First Pastoral Visit.
1887 16 February Announces the diocesan Synod, the first for 208 years (Giovanni Lucido Cattaneo, 1679).
1888 10 September Celebrates the Diocesan Synod.
1889 25 May Announces the Second Pastoral Visit.
1893 12 June Created Cardinal with the title of S. Bernardo alle Terme.
  15 June Nominated Patriarch of Venice.
1894 2 February Death at Riese of his mother, Margherita Sanson (1813-1894).
  24 November Entrance and triumphal reception at Venice.
1895 1 May Letter on sacred music.
  21 May Announces a Pastoral Visit.
1896 26-28 August Presides at Padua over the Second Italian Catholic Congress for scholars of the social sciences.
1897 9-11 August Celebrates the Eucharistic Congress.
1898 8-10 August Celebrates the Diocesan Synod.
1900 25 September At Vicenza crowns the Madonna of Monte Berico.
1901 4 August Ascent of Monte Grappa to bless the Mortuary Chapel and the statue of the Madonna.
1903 25 April Lays the cornerstone of the new bell tower of St. Mark’s.
  20 July Leo XIII dies.
  26 July Leaves for the conclave.
  4 August Elected pope, assumes the name of Pius X.
  9 August Coronation in St. Peter’s Basilica.
  4 October Programmatic Encyclical E supremi apostolatus cathedra.
  22 November Reforms of Sacred Music with the motu proprio Tra le sollecitudini.
  18 December Motu proprio Fin dalla prima on Christian Popular Action.
1904 20 January Constitution Commissum nobis and condemnation of the veto in the Conclave.
  2 February Encyclical Ad diem illum on the 50th anniversary of the dogma of theImmaculate Conception.
  11 February Letter Quum arcano and Apostolic Visit to the city of Rome.
  7 March Decree Constat apud omnes and Apostolic Visit to the dioceses of Italy.
  12 March Encyclical Iucunda sane and 13th Centenary of St. Gregory the Great.
  19 March Motu proprio Arduum sane munus and codification of Canon Law.
  25 December Decree Vacante Sede Apostolica on the reforms of the work of the Conclave.
1905 1 March Letter to Cardinal Svampa, archbishop of Bologna, La lettera circolare and criticism of autonomous Christian Democracy
  15 April Encyclical Acerbo nimis on the Catechism.
  14 May Encyclical Acre nefariumque bellum against Freemasonry.
  11 June Encyclical Il fermo proposito on catholics, public life in Italy, and the reorganization of Catholic Action.
  20 December Encyclical Sacra Tridentina Synodus on frequent and daily communion.
1906 16 January Reform of the seminaries in Italy.
  11 February Encyclical Vehementer nos on the separation of Church and State in France.
  25 February Consecrates fourteen new French bishops in St. Peter’s.
  28 July Encyclical Pieni l'animo on clerical discipline and reform.
  10 August Encyclical Gravissimo officii munere on the associations of worship in France.
  15 September Decree Romana et aliarum on frequent communion.
  7 December Decree Post editum on communion of the sick.
1907 6 January Encyclical Une fois encore and condemnation of the persecution of the Church in France.
  10 May Foundation of the Biblical Institute at Rome.
  4 July Decree Lamentabili sane exitu and condemnation of 65 modernist propositions.
  8 September Encyclical Pascendi dominici gregis on Modernism.
  18 November Motu proprio Praestantia Scripturae Sacrae and a final condemnation of Modernism.
1908 29 June Reform of the Roman curia with the Apostolic Constitution Sapienti consilio.
  8 July Letter Quidquid consilii on union with the Eastern Churches.
  4 August Encyclical Haerent animo for the 50th anniversary of his priesthood.
  18 September Priestly Jubilee.
  1 October Institutes the Vatican official bulletin Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
1909 21 April Encyclical Communium rerum on the seventh Centenary of St. Anselm of Aosta.
  7 May Letter Vinea electa and establishment of the Biblical Institute.
  16 November Episcopal Jubilee.
1910 26 May Encyclical Editae saepe for the third Centenary of St. Charles Borromeo.
  8 August Decree Quam singulari Christus amore on children’s reception of communion.
  15 August Inauguration of the Social School at Bergamo.
  25 August Letter Notre charge apostolique and condemnation of the social theories of the Sillon of Marc Sangnier.
  26 December Apostolic Letter to the Eastern bishops on the union of the Churches.
1911 24 May Encyclical Jamdudum in Lusitania which condemns the laws persecuting the Church in Portugal.
  1 November Constitution Divino afflatu for the reform of the Roman Breviary.
1912 1 January Constitution Etsi Nos and reform of the Vicariate of Rome.
  7 June Encyclical Lacrimabili statu on the condition of the Indians in Latin America.
  24 September Encyclical Singulari quadam on Workers’ Unions in Germany.
1913 8 March Apostolic Letter Universis Christifidelibus on the 16th Centenary of Constantine.
1914 2 August Exhortation Dum Europa to plead for the cessation of the War.
  20 August Death of Pius X at 1:16 a.m..
  23 August Burial in the Vatican Grottos
1923 28 June Inauguration of the statue of Pius X in the Vatican Basilica.
1923-1931   Diocesan Processes at Rome, Venice, Mantua, Treviso.
1943 12 February Decree forthe Introduction of the Cause.
1943-1946   Apostolic Processes at Rome, Venice, Mantua, Treviso.
1951 11 February The two miracles required for Beatification are recognized.
  4 March Publication of the Decretal Tuto.
  3 June Beatification in St. Peter’s Basilica di S. Pietro. He is proclaimed “Heavenly Patron of the Catholic Esperantists” at Munich.
1952 17 February His venerated body is placed under the altar of the Presentation in St. Peter’s.
1954 17 January The two miracles required for canonization are recognized.
  29 May Canonization in St. Peter’s Square.
1957 3 September First diocesan feast in honor of St. Pius X in the diocese of Treviso.
1959 12 April-10 May The venerated body of St. Pius X returns to Venice to fulfill the promise, “Alive or dead, I shall return.”
1985 27 July He is elected universal patron of the emigrants from Treviso throughout the world.

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