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To All Venetian Emigrants!

We are trying to get in touch with our many fellow townspeople who have emigrated all over the world. We have already heard from some of them, so we thought that it would be really great to meet everybody on this site, to virtually join together citizens of Salzano with those who left the town many years ago and made for far-away places.

Other associations like "Trevisani nel mondo" have already sought to join Venetian emigrants together, but we don’t want to do any less!

So get down to work!Dear people from Salzano, send us your greetings, photos and any kind of news regarding your emigrant experience.In reward for your efforts, we will send you materials about Salzano (like books and other stuff) and you'll receive a periodical published by the Town Council of Salzano

Please write and send your photos to this address:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Thanks to Michael Dubiaga - last update: 14.08.2007

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